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Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime e Hulu: quem ganha agora?




Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime e Hulu: quem ganha agora?

Os maiores players de streaming dos EUA travam acirrada batalha pelo aumento da audiência por esse tipo de serviço na crise pandêmica. Todos crescem, uns um pouco mais que outros.

Pyr Marcondes
8 de maio de 2020 - 7h34

Abaixo análise no estudo original em inglês.

Streaming services increase during the pandemic

To wrap it up: It’s not just Netflix that profits from the epidemic, but Netflix had the most significant increase, followed by Disney+ with +290% on JustWatch. You can see the rise for different streaming services in this table:

Streaming service +% increase since March 17th
Netflix +332%
Disney Plus +290%
Amazon Prime Video +266%
Hulu +259%


The explosion of streaming due to COVID-19 restrictions

We also could observe the trend of increased streaming across different countries. Our team had a closer look at the number before and after lockdowns, or other actions governments took to contain the spread. We saw a massive spike in streaming that recently started to flatten since the first countries loosened up restrictions and lockdowns.

You can have a look in real-time by yourself and filter for different countries as well: